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Welcome to the Greenwood Chronicles. Like a sacred grove tucked deep in the forest, this blogsite is the protected space where I share my literary explorations into word and image. Here you will find evocations of the drama surrounding us all, the tensions and torsions that test our souls and call forth those qualities we did not even know we possessed.

As you might guess from the title of my blog, nature means a great deal to me.  The Greenwood is the forest, or anywhere Mother Nature holds sway, teaching us truths through open sky, wild twisted roots, whispering breezes, and murmuring waters.  At the same time, much of my inspiration comes from literary contexts, which is what drives my thrust into literary analysis.

As a result, here in this blog reside the twin worlds of nature and literature from which I take much of my inspiration. You’ll see these themes reflected here, whether in literary analysis, fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction.

Speaking of which, let me point out that all compositions are easily accessed.  Find the black rectangle on the left side of your viewing screen; it’s actually a little handle.  Click on that, and a menu will slide out from the left side of the screen.  That’s where all my posted compositions are listed, in these categories:

1. Academic Papers

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8. Community Affairs in a Small Southern Town

Thank you for stopping by. Please sample and enjoy.