The Week Ahead for February 5 – 11, 2018: Do What You Love

The Week Ahead
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February 5 – 11, 2018: Do What You Love
Ever heard the expression, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth?” It’s an archaic way of saying that when a gift is given, it’s poor form to inspect it for flaws. This phrase could easily apply to the week ahead. A gift in the form of plenty of time, a reduced sense of pressure, and simple clarity about the aspects of our lives which actually do work just fine, this is a week that should not be sullied by an obsessive need to conjure problems up out of thin air. Why so? In the week ahead, there’s a distinct scarcity of the types of anxieties prevalent in weeks past. In fact, this week provides a distinct opportunity to orient ourselves to what we enjoy and to make that source of enjoyment the centerpiece of our efforts.
“Do what you love and the money will follow,” a New Age guru of manifestation science once famously said. That’s the idea! Indeed, that well-known New Age aphorism makes a perfect seed thought for the upcoming week. Following our constructive passions will steer us rightly this week. Venus in sextile to Uranus early in the week signals a go-ahead for the use of unique talents and the expression of personal slant, while the Sun square Jupiter on the weekend enlarges opportunities and options for good fortune. Even so, we should watch out for excess and overdoing on the weekend. If that one caveat is observed, the whole train of time this week will flow smoothly to the desired destination. Let’s see how it works out.
Monday February 5 comes out of the gate with the quietly waning Moon in equable, affable, and social Libra, making for genteel moments. However, during the overnight, Lady Luna suffers the square to Pluto, so be not disturbed if companions are discovered to have experienced perplexing dreams. By 9:30 am CST, the mood lightens as the Libra Moon trines cheerful Venus in friendly Aquarius and positive feedback appears. Then a little bit too much excitement enters the picture when the collaborative Libra Moon opposes eccentric Uranus just before 1 pm CST, making for cantankerous and uncooperative behaviors. Stay loose and let it pass. Disruptions may look forebodingly distressing, but a better solution will be hidden in the mix. The Moon enters mysterious and psychic Scorpio just before 10 pm CST, deepening the mood and summoning impressions from the subconscious.
Tuesday February 6 sees the Moon in secretive but profound Scorpio making the re-assuring sextile to trustworthy Saturn just after 8 am CST, creating the right atmosphere for confidential conversations about money, finance, credit, investment planning, estates, wills, and business plans. The sense of orderly living pervades the bulk of the day until just before 6 pm CST, when the Moon in self-protective Scorpio squares Mercury in tell-all Aquarius and needs for privacy conflict with impulses to let it all hang out. But shortly, we can never mind that. Venus is currently sextile Uranus, exact just after 7:30 pm CST, and we can do no social wrong. Tolerance reigns, and our particular versions of personal expression find ready, receptive, and appreciative audience. Then the Moon trines Neptune just after 10:30 pm CST, encouraging harmony, agreement, and spiritual accord with others, making the period 7 pm to 11 pm CST an especially advantageous interval of opportunity. “A word to the wise should be sufficient.” That’s code language for “use this period for anything of importance.”
Wednesday February 7 continues the theme associated with the Moon in Scorpio. We’re attracted to the mysteries of life and death, reincarnation, eternal existence, healing, and resurrection from death unto life. The big action for the day is a Moon-Jupiter conjunction just before 4 pm CST, signifying good fortune through focus on mystical matters, powerful healing abilities residing in the soul, the affairs of the deceased, and the management of shared assets. Everyone comes out ahead, as the atmosphere of generosity reaches out to touch all with its healing balm. Moral support is certain for all, and tangible financial support will be forthcoming for many.
The Moon shifts into restless, inquisitive Sagittarius just before 8 am CST on Thursday February 8. Abstract thinking along metaphysical, mythological, theoretical, or mathematical lines captures our attention. We ponder distant options, places we might like to travel, and realities of the higher planes. Imagination is stoked, to say the very least. On the overnight, the flighty Sagittarius Moon conjuncts hyperactive Mars also in the Divine Archer, making the passage into Friday an interval of fitful tossing, turning, and mental churning.
As Friday February 9 begins and the wild horse of Sagittarius gets spurred ahead by the double power of Moon and Mars, we think up several thousand possible life directions we might pursue. Coming back to Earth only a few hours later, we discover such astronomical ambitions are impractical, especially around 10 am CST when the fiery and impatient Sagittarius Moon squares nebulous Neptune in detached Pisces and extreme dreams dissipate into a mere mist. It’s not until the Moon sextiles mental Mercury in rational Aquarius just after 2 pm CST that we get quite real and acknowledge the obvious facts. Good ideas arrive.

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